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Greetings Earthling:

Outkast, hands down, is one of my favorite groups of all time - in any genre of music. Their music set trends, defined a generation, and created a mood unlike any other.

In honor of their Coachella reunion, I put together a fun mix of Big Boi and Andre 3000 rarities, demos, collaborations and remixes.

If you’re a MICK (or Mick Boogie - remember him?) fan, you’ll find this similar to the retrospectives I did for A Tribe Called Quest and the Beastie Boys.

If you’re looking for Outkast’s greatest hits or stuff from their albums, you’re out of luck. Go to iTunes and buy those right now.

If you’re a true fan and looking to dig a little bit deeper and really enter the world of the Dungeon Family - this is made for you. And it’s hella long - maybe TOO long - almost two hours!

Lastly, check out the special painted original cover we created - made by Deftone of Jolly Awesome.

Take me to your leader…

1) Greetings Earthling Intro
2) Royal Flush (f/ Raekwon)
3) Everlasting
4) Sole Sunday (f/ Goodie Mob)
5) Throw Your Hands Up (f/ Eightball)
6) Watch For The Hook (f/ Cool Breeze)
7) Black Ice (f/ Goodie Mob)
8) I Can’t Wait (f/ Sleepy Brown)
9) High Schoolin’
10) Neck Uv Da Woods
11) Funkin’ Around
12) Tough Guy (f/ UGK)
13) In Due Time (f/ Cee-Lo Green)
14) Thought Process (f/ Goodie Mob)
15) Benz or Beamer
16) Rats and Roaches (Demo Mix)
17) Phobia
18) Dirty South (f/ Goodie Mob)
19) Da Art Of Storytellin’ Part 4
20) Millionaire (Baptiste Montigy Remix)
21) Smokefest
22) Hollywood Divorce (f/ Lil Wayne)
23) Southernplayalistic (Diamond D Remix)
24) Sorry
25) What A Job (f/ Devin The Dude)
26) The Mighty O
27) Street Talkin’ (f/ Slick Rick)
28) Da Art Of Storytellin’ Remix (f/ Slick Rick)
29) In Da Wind (f/ Cee-Lo and Trick Daddy)
30) Lookin’ For Ya (f/ Sleepy Brown)
31) International Players Anthem (f/ UGK)
32) Deuces
33) Pink Matter (f/ Frank Ocean)
34) Dez Only 1 (f/ Witchdoctor)

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Prince ft. Angie Stone - U Make My Sun Shine

In this trusting place you can erase
Every tear that ever rolled down your weary face
All the time you waste in that paper chase
Is time better spent in these arms of mine
Heaven sent angel so divine
You’re my complement
You make my sun shine
You make my sun shine at night

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"Heroes" Performed by Janelle Monáe from the Pepsi Beats of The Beautiful Game Album.

Now available for sale:

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Free download with subscription to http://other-people.net/

Nico and Sasha produce another quality track.

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